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Multifunctional mobile power station XO-PSA-200W 52800mah Portable power station

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RM 780.00
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RM 780.00
Multifunctional mobile power station XO-PSA-200W 52800mah Portable power station Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

-The XO-PSA-200 is a 190Wh/52800mAh energy storage power supply for all your outdoor power needs.

-Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, with a sturdy handle for added convenience.

-Features a 150W sine wave inverter output, allowing you to use your 220V digital equipment and low-power electrical appliances.

-Comes with 2 USB ports and 2 DC ports for multiple device connections, perfect for charging your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera, and more.

-Highly versatile, allowing you to power it using an adapter, car charger, or solar panel.

-Fast charging feature ensures you can quickly charge your devices on-the-go.

-Built-in LED light makes it perfect for outdoor lighting needs.

-Sturdy and durable design is made to withstand tough outdoor conditions.

-Enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about running out of power with the XO-PSA-200.


Battery capacity: 190Wh/52800mAh

Inverter output: 150W sine wave

Input: DC 12V/2A

Output: AC 220V/50Hz, 2 x DC 12V/10A, 2 x USB 5V/2.4A

Charging time: 6-7 hours (using the included AC adapter)

Built-in LED light: Yes

Dimensions: 238 x 156 x 98mm

Weight: 1.95kg

Accessories: AC adapter, car charger cable

Material: ABS shell with PC lens

Color: Black

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Applications: Outdoor camping, emergency backup power supply, lighting, mobile phone, tablet, laptop charging.

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