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Remax Cooler K4 USB Cooling Fan Mobile Semiconductor Dual-Core Cooler Gaming Game Phone

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1. Continuous live broadcast for ten hours, still good heat dissipation

2. Only one clip is needed to cool the phone, and it will drop 5℃ directly after start-up

3. Dual-core semiconductor cooling film, dual-fan dual-fins, silicone anti-skid pad, low power consumption design

4. No delay in charging and cooling

5. Comes with bracket access port, can be matched with universal wheel bracket, bracket access port

6. Support bracket modification, pan/tilt modification, and universal wheel accessories, suitable for 1/4 screw head and universal wheel modification

7. The live broadcast is smoother and longer lasting, which solves the problem of long-term live broadcast heating

8.The width can be extended to 88mm, the buckle is telescopic, flexible and compatible, meeting the needs of multi-size equipment

Instructions for use:

1. Real-time temperature display, you can manually set the ideal temperature

2. After starting, it will drop to 5℃ and reach the preset temperature, enter the intelligent energy-saving mode, stop the fan rotation, and start refrigeration every 90/s → energy-saving cycle

3. Press +or- to adjust the temperature

4. Temperature control range: 0-40℃, the maximum temperature drop is 15-20℃ (according to the difference of outside temperature)

5. After power on, long press the switch button 2/s to start the machine


1. Rapid cooling

2. Temperature drop

3. Turbo cooling

4. Battery protection

5. RGB colorful lights

6. Bass worry-free


Product name: K4 mobile phone radiator

Heat dissipation type: semiconductor refrigeration

Voltage and current: 5V2A

Charging interface: Type-C/USB

Use model: width 68-88mm

Product material: ABS+PC+ aluminum alloy

Product size: 111X77X29mm

Color: Silver

Package Included:

✅ 1 X Phone Cooling Pad

✅ 1 X Universal Wheel Joint

✅ 1 X Charging Cable

✅ 1 X User Manual

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