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XO-CZ001A Smart Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 360 Cyclone High-speed

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RM 50.40
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RM 50.40
XO-CZ001A Smart Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 360 Cyclone High-speed Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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-Strong suction, 10000 (r/min) powerful motor.
-It can be used to clean pet hair, food residue, excrement, etc., to prevent bacterial growth and protect health.
-Dry and wet, high-speed automatic cleaning, easy to absorb liquid, solid particles, hair.
-The multiple micron wire mesh filtration system separates the dust and prevents particulate matter from entering the machine room to block the motor.
*The intelligent movement automatically adjusts the motor to maintain stability and no heat.
-120W super high power suction, can absorb coins, paper scraps, water, soot and so on.
-The dust cup is separated in one button, and the garbage can be easily drained. The filter can be washed.
*Equipped with 5M extended power cord, the whole car is covered, and the trunk can be easily cleaned, saving time and effort
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