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Yuwell YU300 Home Oxygen Concentrator 1~5L

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RM 1,630.00
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RM 499.00
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Yuwell YU300 Home Oxygen Concentrator 1~5L +  READY STOCK Product features CE FDA approval, security guarantee. Exquisite workmanship and beautiful appearance. It can supply oxygen continuously for 480 hours. English control interface with full English user manual. 

This YU300 homecare oxygen bar offers you safe and convenient life with sustained oxygen supply. You can use it at home or in your car, the portable and smart function works very well for your homecare life. Technical Parameters: Input Power: 100VA. 

Oxygen Concentration: 1L 90%; 2L 50%; 3L 40%; 4L 33%; 5L 30%;

Flow Range: 1-5L/min.
Weight: 7.5 kg. Size: 27cm* 17.5 cm* 29.5 cm.
Operation noise level: 43dB (A).
Potential Users: The elderly: Improving brain functioning as they develop dementia and other conditions.
White-collar women: Skin care, Skin nutrition and elasticity maintenance, Reduction of sub-health status.
Pregnant women: Helpful to fetus development. Businessman: Relaxing physical and mental tension, Improving physical ability, Reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency. Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue. Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the symptoms of hypoxia on plateau. 

NOTE: 1. The machine has a clean alarm for every 100 hours of continuous operation. The prompt will be automatically released after five minutes without any operation.
2. Filters can be reused after cleaning and drying, usually repeated 3-5 times
3. The filter must be flat during installation, otherwise noise will be generated. English Manuals: 


Video Chinese : 


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